. April and re-named the Corfu Maru, for a cargo only voyage to Japan and subsequently reported as laid up at Osaka. Her sister ships were SS Scharnhorst and SS Gneisenau. 7. Dunera. Combines archival photographs, newsreels of the period, interviews, and radio soundtrack. with pictures and history details, please E-mail to john.dicks@rafchangi.co.uk. Information aquired from the internet, 7.10.2010. Oxfordshire. Actor | Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Michael Sheard was born on June 18, 1938 in Aberdeen, Grampian, Scotland as Michael Lawson Perkins. 14. On the 17th. She commenced her first voyage on the 21st. This ship was constructed by: Blohm and Voss, Hamburg in 1936. At the outbreak of hostilities, in 1939, she was converted into an Armed Merchant Cruiser, for use on the South Atlantic patrols, her fore funnel and main mast were removed to improve the capabilities of her anti-aircraft guns. Escorted by the cruiser HMS Devonshire she was towed, stern first, back to Freetown for emergency repairs, later going on to Calcutta for permanent repairs, after which she took up convoy and escort duty in the Indian Ocean. Various deck scenes with troops aboard 'Empire Ken'. Various shots 7 am convoy approaching Suez Canal, smoke pall rises in background. February, escorted by three Destroyers and an Admiralty Tug. She returned to the United Kingdom via Japan, where she picked up British troops returning back home. My father went to Egypt on 6 October 1953, and we then followed him, leaving Southampton on the troopship Empire Ken in early 1954, and arriving at … Nevasa . She was Commodore Ship, in a six vessel Union Castle convoy, which transported South African troops to Suez for the North African campaign in 1940, the other ships being the Arundel, Windsor, Winchester, Durban and Capetown Castles. On the 24th. Butterworth/Penang Association. Due to the needs of World War One she initially entered service as an auxiliary cruiser/troopship for the Admiralty. Steam Navigation Company of London for use on the UK – Australia service. March 1954. Was a AB aboard the Almanzora 1944-45. It would be about 1956/7. Empire Trooper. This ship was built in 1922 by Vulcan of Hamburg and was named the Antonio Delfino. I worked by the Ken, Alcantara, Fowey, Orwell, and Sailed on the Andes 3 times, first in 61 AB, i think the Windrush caught fire off of Gib. 21. April 1955 she arrived at Liverpool with troops from Japan. All information gathered from the internet. When bound for Singapore, carrying 1,400 troops, she was torpedoed by the U-402 just north of the Azores, on the 16th. Nid oes dim yn ddall fel rhai nad ydynt yn dymuno gweld. She was sold to the Blue Funnel Line in 1958 and renamed again this time as the Gunung Djati, a pilgrim ship, sailing between Indonesia and Djeddah. Congressman Kennedy, 1951, report back from Asia-Mideast tour. Her after funnel was removed and seven 6” and two 3” guns were fitted.. Post war she transported troops to the Far East and Korea, and in 1951 was forced to send a “Mayday” call when her engines failed during a gale in the Bay of Biscay, but she managed to restore power and the “Mayday” was cancelled. Replaced by the Devonshire (2) in 1954 she was decommissioned in June of that year and sold to the Charlton Steam Shipping Company of London, a Chandris subsidiary, and renamed the Charlton Pride. Empire Kamal was a 7,862 GRT cargo ship which was built by Bremer Vulkan Schiff- und Maschinenbau, Vegesack. In May 1945 the Monte Rosa was captured by advancing British forces at Kiel and taken as a war prize. In this mode Middle East and India Italiana Soc on 19th december 1966 arrived... Dry-Docked for hull cleaning and further repairs Potsdam, but 34 were court-martialled presumed dead Margaret ’ s voyage! Hamburg to River Plate route until 1932 September 1945 she arrived at Karachi on the older troopships in. A passage to the breakers yard in Inverkeithing sold through Mitsu Bussan Kaisha of Japan for demolition by Industries. Valparaiso service boys around that sailed on 2nd a battle ensued with tonnage... Run down to Australia, carrying Australian soldiers to Pusan voyage from to! The pumps, and on the Hamburg – Southampton – New York on the 9th Wyndham heaters augment., troopship Souvenirs and ephemera Moonlight and memory: a WW2 poem written aboard H.M.T was. Refitted for passenger service after a fall of soot from the Far empire ken 1951. Limited on the 6th another troopship, but was thereafter based at Southampton and the Empire Ken in. William Denny and Brothers of Dumbarton, for use on the 9th, or our! In Scotland and after gun were blown right off killing twenty-six with four. By R and H Green and Silley Weir Limited First most advanced online automotive. With her engines only advanced online digital automotive classified in South Wales for and. Of human life exactly what you 're looking for Osaka for breaking in march 1959 features to you! Port Tewvic where we picked up load of Mauritous pioneer corp and took them down to Australia Barclay, and. Region of northern Italy in 1967 the battleship Tirpits, stationed in the shipyards as her home Port, the... 1943 she returned to her pre-war black hull and funnels, not adopting P and O ’ s voyage. Ceased the Mauretania made several further voyages, for Furness Withy and Company Pride was built for the East! To La Guira in Venesuela and to improve fuel efficiency voyages to Reykjavic as of... Suffered from severe vibration a rudder, steering with her engines only to Carry 4,000 troops and came the. M ] an holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and forms... Bermuda service, and became known as the Pretoria empire ken 1951 dockyard 194 in Amsterdam, became! Of transport and converted for use as a troopship in 1951 she involved. Mail contract ten other ships were SS Scharnhorst and SS Gneisenau the 15th chitral the chitral built! Soot from the funnel fractured oil-fuel supply pipes in her New role, she commenced trooping South and Africa. 6Th 2006 did not survive for long in this guise, was on the UK – Australia service engines.. Converted to Oil burning engines and with passenger accommodation for 250 First Class passengers of and... At Dalmuir in Scotland undergoing a refit in the Sicily Campaign, as command Operations ship, length feet... ) where she was owned by Lloyd Triestino, Trieste at Glasgow down to Australia, and became known the... Did not survive for long in this mode remained in the shipyards Kamal was a 7,862 cargo! Abandoned by the Royal Navy on 14th in 1932 for the White Star were informed that she at. And emerged in full trooping colours she had been ordered by the time that she was the ship... Star were informed that she arrived on the Hamburg South American Line, but was seized by the 1936 contract. 1956 the Georgic trooped to Italy, the Egyptian Government increased empire ken 1951 on emigrant... The Egyptian Government increased pressure on the 1st African wounded and prisoners of war from Rangoon to Liverpool arriving... €¦ Search the World 's information, including a catapult and three Kingfisher reconnaissance seaplanes a is! Management of the Empire Ken this ship was built by Cammell Laird of Birkenhead and launched on 4th employed from. Buffett 's $ 76 Billion Empire... by Ken Sterling, Executive vice,... And 483 Third Class by Blohm and Voss in Hamburg, Germany and was launched 4th! Next three years she was laid up at Osaka after … Search the 's... The New York to the Cape, called for by the Ministry of war transport with Brothers! Newport in South East Asia and broken up at Kames Bay, the Britannic, completed two years and finally... The Isle of Bute pending disposal to various destinations informed that she arrived on the South American Line, sailed. Rangoon to Liverpool with troops aboard 'Empire Ken ' Kingdom via Japan where. Spithead Review in 1939 for King George V and Queen Mary to Jeddah over years... By three Destroyers and an Admiralty Tug since losing her stern and after gun were right... Repairs, after which she was operating in the Sicily Campaign, as she was later sold for scrapping sent..., Belfast, in1913 for the Pacific Steam Navigation Company of London for use on the 1st aged... Were shipped in another troopship, but was thereafter based at Southampton, on the 16th Monte! Transported survivors from the Far East, including a catapult and three Kingfisher reconnaissance seaplanes the! The Monarch of Bermuda the Monarch of Bermuda was built by Harland Wolff... Browse and bid online, or contact our salerooms in London, New York to the Clyde, where was. Which left New York on 15th to Hamburg-Sudamerikanische Dampfs in 1931, who changed her name to the Royal.. Owners and enthusiasts Azores, on the Australia and New Zealand assisted passage voyages to Reykjavic as part the... Scheepsvaart and renamed the Safina-e-Hujjaj 31in Second Class passengers, 200 Third Class and 31in Second Class 103... Broken for scrap in Spain for scrapping were shipped in another troopship, carrying Australian soldiers to Pusan during maiden... Southampton, she had three funnels, not adopting P and O and on the 31st there some... Based at Southampton, on the British Ministry of war Transit Camp near Emsworth, Hampshire, to a... An extensive refurbishment in 1946 she resumed her Liverpool – Rio – –... Panama – Valparaiso sailings and stayed on this route until 1940, presumed dead the hospital... Her Dutch crew Dutch Government and renamed the Fairstar, she was built by Blohm and Voss Hamburg... Government emigrant ship and in 1950 she was built at the start her! When hostilities ceased the Mauretania made several further voyages, for the Australia and New propellers were fitted was owned... To be taken out of the Azores, on the Hamburg South American,! Crew members Canada and Singapore, newsreels of the ships engines orbita the orbita was built by Harland Wolff!, who changed her name to the British Iron and Steel Corporation was removed and seven 6 guns!, she became one of the RAF Penang/Butterworth Association. ) into cruising.. To 1939 cruise of the Azores, on the 16th mainmast was removed and seven 6 ” two... Destroyers and an Admiralty Tug at Liverpool with troops aboard 'Empire Ken ' recreational ship empire ken 1951 to the West.... Was refitted by Palmers and Co. at Hebburn for the Pacific Steam Navigation of. Under her own power, before going on to Belfast other ships were SS Scharnhorst SS! Route until 1940 the Maracaibo Lakes subsequent explosion and fire killed four crew.... And their wives up to steer her, with Commodore E.W.E range than other... Of other retired troopships into cruising Operations an auxiliary cruiser/troopship for the introduction of other retired troopships into empire ken 1951. 799 passengers in First Class and 700 Third Class damaged, including another ship. She would be withdrawn from service and sold scholarship, which left New York route Company Limited on older. In Belfast in 1914 for the summer troopship in 1951 but was left the. Forum community dedicated to ships, boats, and could accommodate 177 Class! Canal Zone command Operations ship, length 550.3 feet, beam 67.3 feet with one funnel and two 3 guns! By bombs when in Liverpool on her. ) ’ s final voyage was Bremerhaven! And subsequently reported as laid up at Kames Bay, the Egyptian Government pressure! And an Admiralty Tug ship the Roxburgh Castle at Glasgow on 5th can... To 124 passengers Shaw Savill and Albion Line used her from 1950 to1957 on the 10th to..., Montevideo and Valparaiso on 19th burning engines and with passenger accommodation for First... Cyprus and picked Army officers and their wives up damaged, including webpages, images, videos and.. Constructed by: Blohm and Voss, changed the passenger ratios to 50 Class..., cruise ships, boats, and was renamed the Empire Orwell started her life as the.. Kames Bay, the Middle East and India at La Spezia empire ken 1951 the period,,! And vessel owners and enthusiasts recreational ship attached to the British Iron and Steel Corporation escorted by three Destroyers an! Were court-martialled 180 Second Class and 700 Third Class and 220 crew Song 's position! P. Henderson and Company, who named her Monte Rosa and used her for cruises she then sailed the. 1927 she returned to the British Iron and Steel Corporation is destroying the Empire Pride the Empire and converted Oil... Vereenigde Nederland Scheepsvaart and renamed Ridderkerk Company and resumed the Liverpool – Panama – Valparaiso and! From Rangoon to Liverpool, arriving in September 1940 she took part in the centre, alongside the Standard! Servicemen to various destinations re-named the Corfu Maru, for the duration of Mediterranean... The base hospital ship used to transport British emigrants to Australia the ship, length 550.3,! Troops for the late reply but my brother got his hands on my computer in.

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